Destination Guide

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Montego Bay,or MoBay as it is popularly known,is deservedly one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Over the years it has attracted the rich and the famous,and been the haunt of royalty. Many of their luxury villas still grace the hills with fabulous sea views. The bay offers wonderful beaches and the town has lots to offer. The town of Montego Bay is divided into two distinct areas,the residential and the tourist.

The former is largely to the south of Sam Sharpe Square and west of St. James Street until its junction with Barnett Street. The main tourist part of town,paced with vendors,stall,higglers and hustlers,is east of Sam Sharpe Square nearer the waterfront,and most of the main resorts and hotels are to the north,between the town and the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport,or east of it.